A Letter To My Son On His Sixth Birthday

Photo Credit: Sweet-Tooth Cakes and Cupcakes This is what your cake would have looked like if you mummy had any talent.
Photo Credit: Sweet-Tooth Cakes and Cupcakes
This is what your cake would have looked like if your mummy had any talent.

My love,

My, how you’ve grown this year. This year was all about science, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be the last year, either. You are so curious and you ask so many questions. You want to know how everything works. And you figured out Google, so it has become our standard answer to pretty much all of your questions: I’m not sure, honey, let’s google it. Because, really, how am I supposed to know whether a yew is evergreen or deciduous? But I like that you keep asking me these questions; that you haven’t given up on me yet.

You are also an enthusiastic ice-skater. You love going to the ice-rink so much, that I have accepted the 40-minute trek in each direction with a resigned sigh. Seeing your face when you go on the ice is so worth it. And what you lack in grace you more than make up for in confidence. I love how confident you are.

The chess club is another one of your newly blossoming interests. I was convinced that once we went there and you played against the older kids (most of them two years your senior) and lost marvelously, you would want nothing to do with it anymore. But you looked at me and said, mommy, I came to learn. And so we came back, and you like it so much that you don’t even mind losing. You have certainly come a long way.

This year, I wish for you to keep asking lots and lots of questions. You are well on your way to be a scientist, and you make me so very proud, seeing as I consider myself one. And that adult tooth you found in the back? It’s not going to be the last.

Lots of love,



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